2015 Grant Awards




  • Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc: $25,000 for an advice desk to assist low-income pro se litigants in foreclosure cases.

  • Latin  United Community Housing Association: $10,000 for Housing Counseling and Advocacy.

  • Lawyer's Committee for Better Housing, Inc.: $25,000for the Affordable Housing Prevention Program and the Tenants in Foreclosure Intervention Project.

  • Metropolitan Tenants Organization: $15,000 for its Foreclosure Prevention Project.

  • Resurrection Project: $10,000 for its Financial Wellness and Foreclosure Prevention program in Chicago's southwest side.


  • Arab American Action Network: $20,000 for its Youth Committee to Protect People's Rights program.

  • Coalition to Save our Mental Health Centers: $20,000 to educate community members and promote their involvement in advocating for expanded mental health services funding.

  • Communities United/Albany Park Neighborhood Council: $25,000 for VOYCE, Voices of Youth in Chicago.

  • Community Organizing and Family Issues: $25,000 to develop the capacity of parents to be advocates for their children. 

  • Friends of the Parks: $10,000 for Chicago Plays! to engage community members in advocating for playground and park improvement.

  • Garfield Park Community Council: $15,000 for its efforts to help residents advocate for housing, commercial development, public safety and wellness.

  • Logan Square Neighborhood Association: $20,000 to help residents to advocate for the preservation of the historic Lathrop Homes. 

  • ONE Northside: $20,000 for the Homeless Leadership Development Project.

  • Southside Together Organizing for Power/IJF: $15,000 for its Fearless Young Leaders Program to advocate for a southside trauma center.



  • 3Arts, Inc.: $15,000 for a fundraising strategy.

  • Chicago Arts Orchestra: $12,095 for an audience development project through marketing and oureach.

  • Chicago Jazz Philharmonic: $10,000 for a technology upgrade and training for its Customer Relationship Management system.

  • The Chinese Fine Arts Society: $14,000 to purchase and be trained in an updated donor tracking and fundraising technology.


  • Apna Ghar, Inc.: $20,000 for its art-based therapy and wellness programs.

  • Hamdard Center for Health and Human Services: $16,260 for its Creatively Empowered Women program.

  • Harmony, Hope and Healing: $15,000 for its music programs at shelters and residential programs.

  • International Children's Media Center: $19,600 for its Global Girls/Women's View media programming at New Moms and the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.

  • National Veterans Art Museum: $20,000 for its Creative Community Programs. 

  • Old Town School of Folk Music: $10,000 for its Guitars for Growth program at the Nancy B. Jefferson Alternative High School for court-detained youth in the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center.

  • Storycatchers Theatre: $25,000 for its Fabulous Females, Firewriters and Temporary Lockdown musical theater programs in juvenile detention centers.

  • Snow City Arts Foundation: $15,000 for its art programs at children's hospitals.



  • Business and Professional People for the Public Interest: $10,000 for children in the Altgeld-Riverdale Early Learning Community to participate in Kids Science Labs.

  • Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program, Inc.: $20,000 for general operating.

  • Citizen Schools Illinois: $15,000 for its STEM Apprenticeship program.

  • In Search of Genius: $20,000 for general operating.

  • Project Exploration: $10,000 for general operating.

  • Project SYNCERE: $25,000 for its Emerging Engineers Program.

  • Schools That Can: $25,000 to expand the i2 STEM summer camp program to two new schools and increase scholarship slots at existing sites.

  • The Student Conservation Association: $15,000 for its Chicago Community Crew Program.


  • The Barat Education Foundation: $15,000 for Our American Voice, a civic engagement program for middle school students.

  • Changing Worlds: $10,000 for its Arts, Culture and Literacy Connections in-school program.

  • Chicago Debate Commission: $10,000 for general operating.

  • Family Matters, Inc.: $20,000 for its after-school project-based learning program for children struggling academically.

  • SitStayRead: $20,000 for its Dogs Help Kids Read literacy program in Chicago schools.

  • Spark Chicago: $15,000 for its Youth Apprenticeship Program.

  • Working in the Schools (WITS): $15,000 for its WITS on the Weekend (WoW) program.



  • Alternatives, Inc.: $20,000 to support its Restorative Justice Initiative. 

  • B.U.I.L.D. Incorporated: $20,000 for its intervention program for court-involved youth.

  • Children's Hospital of Chicago Foundation: $15,000 for Strengthening Chicago's Youth to promote alternative community service programs instead of temporary detention for youth on probation.

  • Children's Research Triangle: $20,000 for its Trauma Treatment Program.

  • Circles and Ciphers/United Church of Rogers Park: $15,000 to use hip-hop to engage youth in the criminal or juvenile justice system in restorative justice.

  • Claretian Associates, Inc.: $10,000 for the South Chicago Second Chance for Youth program.

  • Connections for Abused Women and their Children: $7,500 for therapeutic services for children who are victims of domestic violence.

  • Cook County Justice for Children: $20,000 for its Juvenile Justice Strategy Team.

  • First Defense Legal Aide: $20,000 for its Public Safety: Know your Rights campaign.

  • La Casa Norte - $7,500 for its Violence Affecting Youth Program  through Transformative Justice.

  • Lawndale Christian Legal Center: $15,000 to assist with legal and social services for youth involved in the criminal justice system.


  • Barr-Harris Children's Grief Center, Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis: $15,000 to provide therapeutic services to children who have suffered the loss of a loved one and to educate the community about violence and loss.

  • Chicago Children's Advocacy Center: $15,000 for its Raising Awareness in Service and Empowerment  (RAISE) program to increase awareness about services and supports following sexual abuse in African American communities.

  • Chicago Women's Health Centers: $25,000 for outreach and education programs in Chicago schools.

  • Girls in the Game: $10,000 for after school health and sports-related programs for girls.

  • Housing Opportunities for Women: $15,000 for its Child and Youth Service programs to connect families to healthcare.

  • La Rabida Children's Hospital and Research Center: $15,000 for general operating.

  • Mobile Care Foundation: $20,000 for its Comprehensive Asthma-Management Program.

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Chicago: $17,200 for its Ending the Silence education programs about mental illness and decreasing stigma in Chicago high schools.

  • New Moms, Inc.: $25,000 for the Bright Beginnings home visiting program for pregnant and parenting homeless mothers and their children.

  • Peer Health Exchange: $20,000 for general operating support for its health education programs in 33 Chicago high schools.

  • Rape Victims Advocates: $10,000 for its wrap-around services for teens who have been sexually abused.

  • Teen Living Programs: $15,000 for its Whole Health program for homeless youth.


  • Project Exploration: $35,000 to pay the cost of a consultant to manage a city-wide STEM initiative called STEM Ecosystem Community of Practice. The cross-sector collaborative initiative, led by the national Stem Funders Network, provides training in an evidence-based framework to coordinate STEM programming so that all Chicago children have a continuum of access to quality STEM programs. Chicago was chosen as one of the 27 selected communities across the US to participate. The Albert Pick Jr. Fund was the seed funder for this initiative.

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