Frequently Asked Questions


1) Do you fund programs operating outside the city limits of Chicago?
    We do not. We will sometimes support national organizations with Chicago programming and a Chicago office.
2) Do you fund scholarships?
     We support only those scholarships created by our Founders.
3) Do you fund programs offered by individual schools?
    No, we do not.
4) Do you make multi-year grants?
     Yes, we will consider multi-year requests.
5) What happens if our application arrives late, past the deadline?
     We hold it over for consideration at the next quarterly review.
6) How much should we ask for?
    In general, the minimum grant amount will be $15,000 and the maximum will be $35,000. The amount you request should relate to your need. 
7) Should we apply for general operating support or program support?
     The Fund restricts general operating support to smaller or single purpose organizations.  
8) We were declined, may we re-submit?
    We will review individual agency requests only once per year.
9) When should we submit our progress report?
    The reporting requirements are contained in the grant award letters.
10) Will you review multiple program requests from a single agency?
      No, we will not.
11) Do you support Capital Campaigns?
       No, we do not.