Applying for a Grant

Proposals must be submitted online. 


Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Complete applications will be acknowledged in writing. 

New for 2022-23

Beginning in 2022, the Albert Pick Jr. Fund will switch to having three grantmaking meetings per year instead of four. The March meeting will instead become a policy and planning meeting. Proposal review meetings will now take place in June, September, and December only.

Deadline dates for submitting proposals for 2023 will be posted after January 1, 2023.

Site visits or interviews may be scheduled if the Fund's staff require additional information. Written notification of Board actions will be mailed within three weeks of each Quarterly Meeting. A grant letter will outline the terms of the grant, and, if necessary, a payment schedule. The Fund requires grantees to report on the outcomes; future applications will not be accepted until all reporting requirements are met to the satisfaction of the Fund.

Renewal Grant Requests


If your organization is submitting a request for renewal funding, please upload the final report from the previous year when submitting a new proposal. 














Eligible nonprofits are required to complete the Fund's current online application. A preliminary letter of inquiry is not required prior to submitting an application.

Only those applications that meet the Fund's requirements will be reviewed. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. You should receive a confirmation e-mail when your proposal is complete. If you do not receive a confirmation message, please contact Grants Manager Donna Kirkpatrick at

The following attachments must be included: 

  • IRS 501 (c)(3) Determination Letter 

  • List of Officers and Board Members

  • Latest Annual Report - if available

  • Audited Financial Statement for the most recent fiscal year if the agency is required to have one

  • Current year budgets with both projected income and expenses for your organization and for the program/project, if applicable 

  • Projected budgets of income and expenditures for the fiscal year in which grant funds would be expended for your organization and program/projects, if applicable

Please contact our office with any questions about our online system, guidelines, or application procedures. 


Before you apply, please make sure your organization fits all the criteria as outlined on our “What we Fund” page.


  • Annual budget is less than $2.5 million. Exceptions may be considered for organizations that provide a unique and critical service that other organizations would not have the capacity to provide.

  • Located within the Chicago city limits. National organizations can apply but must have dedicated staff and office space in Chicago and is supported by local fundraising efforts.

  • Must fall within the Fund’s priority support areas as outlined in our Guidelines.